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Inclusive Employment Supported Employment & Job Coach

Announcement: Online Course: Inclusive Employment: Supported Employment & Job Coach


  • APCD in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Job Coach Network Malaysia (JCNM) will hold an online learning course on Inclusive Employment, focusing on Supported Employment and Job Coach.
  • This is an introductory learning course on inclusive employment. This is NOT a course to train Job Coaches, which usually takes 3-5 days training.
  • Application Deadline: 4 February 2024 (from below)


Inclusive Employment (IE), Supported Employment (SE) & Job Coach (JC)

  • Article 27 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) says that every person with a disability has the right to work in an “open, inclusive, and accessible” workplace.
  • Inclusive employment: “Inclusive employment refers to individuals with disabilities working alongside their peers without disabilities in the competitive labor market (with access to the same benefits and career opportunities). Inclusive employment ensures that no person is segregated or excluded from quality employment opportunities because of their disability.” (Cited from U.S. Department of State)

  • Supported Employment: “Supported Employment can be characterized as paid work in integrated work settings with ongoing support for individuals with disabilities in the open labour market. Paid work for individuals means the same payment for the same work as for workers without disabilities” (Cited from ILO/WASE, Handbook: Supported Employment)

  • Job Coach: “Job Coach plays a key role in Supported Employment, applying various professional skills and approaches such as Assessment, Task Analysis, Job Duty Analysis, Job Matching, Job Modification and Systematic Instruction.” (Cited from Kuno, K., Job Coach Handbook)


1. Date & Time

- Online live seminar: 11.00 – 13.00 (Thailand time), 22nd February, 2024. 

- OnDemand Learning: Start from 8th February, 2024. (Learning Materials and learning assignments will be given. Assignments must be submitted before the live seminar. Only those who submit answers are able to take part in live seminar.)  


2. Location

- Online



- English


4. Fee

- Free of charge


5. Resource persons

Ms. Yeo Swee Lan (Job Coach Network Malaysia, JCNM)

Mr. Takashi Shimizu (Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA)

Dr. Yoko Isobe (Koei Research & Consulting, KRC)

Mr. Watcharapol Chuengcharoen (Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability, APCD)

Dr. Kenji KUNO (JICA / APCD)


6. Expected Participants

- 16-24 persons, who are working/interested in Inclusive Employment (Priority will be given to participants from Asia and Pacific Region.)

- Only those who submitted assignments of OnDemand learning will receive a zoom link to take part in live seminar.


7. Programme / Contents

This online learning course consists of 3 learning packages, OnDemand Learning, online live seminar, and follow-up by online platform. Below is the explanation:


7.1. Online Live Seminar

Purpose: (1) Understand concrete examples of Inclusive Employment practices, (2) Share participants experiences and thoughts on Inclusive Employment.

Contents: (1) Presentation; 4 countries practices, (2) Sharing workshop

Programme (draft): (Thailand time)




(Participants enter Zoom)


Introduction to the Course


Examples of Inclusive Employment: 4 Countries (Malaysia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand)




Sharing Your Experiences: Breakout Session


Wrap up




7.2. OnDemand Learning

Purpose: Have basic understanding on Inclusive Employment (to attend live seminar to learn concrete practices).

Means: Learning materials (workbook, references including videos, etc.). Learning questions will be given as assignments. Assignments must be submitted before the live seminar.


8th Feb: OnDemand Module: Start

20th Feb: Submission of OnDemand Learning Work


7.3. Follow up

Purpose: Follow up participants further learnings and practices

Means: Google Space as platform


8. Application Procedures & Schedule

- Deadline: 4 February 2024 (Selection result will be informed by 7th February 2024)

- Fill in all required information at below (google form) by 4th February 2024.

- You must have Google account (Gmail address) to access to Google Chat Space, which will be used as a learning platform of this course.


9. Reasonable Accommodation

- OnDemand Learning: Videos come with subtitles and materials are provided in PDF format. Word/Excel/PowerPoint versions can be requested.

- Online live seminar: speech-to-text and chat will be used to ensure accessibility.

- Please fill in the section of reasonable accommodation in registration form for further reasonable accommodation, if any.


10. Others

- Participation certificate will NOT be issued.



Ms. Supaanong Panyasirimongkol (NuNu),


Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD)


          Following books and videos were developed as outcomes of the Japan International
Cooperation Agency (JICA) project to “Support Participation of Persons with Disabilities
(Phase 1 & 2)” in Malaysia and translated and used in JICA’s projects in other countries.

All books and videos are protected by copyrights.
As such you may use parts of these materials with proper citation.
For example of citation see below:

  • example of book: Ogawa, H, et. al. (2012) Introduction to Job Coach, MPH Publishing, Malaysia
  • example of video: JICA (2012) Introduction to Job Coach and Supported Employment

Please contact us at the email below if you wish to translate these materials
into other languages:

Kenji Kuno,


Introduction to Job Coach and Supported Employment Malaysia Long Version
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Introduction to Job Coach and Supported Employment Malaysia Short Version
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Hiroshi Ogawa, Daisuke Sakai, Yeo Swee Lan, Kenji Kuno (2012) Introduction to Job Coach: Promoting Sustainable Employment of Persons with Disabilities
Cover book English


Cover book Malaysian


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Kenji Kuno, Yeo Swee Lan, Hiroshi Ogawa, Daisuke Sakai, (2012) Job Coach Handbook: A Practical Guide to Job Coach
Cover book English2


Cover book Arabic


Cover book Chinese


Cover book Myanmar