60+Plus Bakery Cafe'&Chocolate


Princess Sirindhorn

APCD, under the royal patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, advocates for disability-inclusive business in the food industry and aims to develop the inclusive business skills of persons with disabilities in society, as well as provide sustainable on-the-job training for them. We take pride in the intent of the youth with diverse disabilities making delicious baked goods and chocolate for our customers.









Bakery Training

Bakery Training

60+ Plus Bakery by Yamazaki has been initiated by collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand, Embassy of Japan, Thai-Yamzaki Co.ltd., and APCD. Specialized and delicious baked goods are made to serve our customers.  Youths with disabilities can be trained to make and sell baked goods at the shop









Chocolate Training

Chocolatier by MarkRin

60 + Plus Chocolatier by MarkRin has been initiated by APCD and MarkRin Co., Ltd. In order to develop skills in the food industry sector. Premium cocoa beans from Thai farmers are transformed into delightful tasting chocolates. Now 60 + Plus Chocolatier by MarkRin has become the favorite among chocolate lovers.









Hotel Service Training

Hotel training

The APCD Training Building aims to be the first inclusive hotel training center in Thailand operated by persons with disabilities. Through a collaboration with the Hyatt Regency Hotel Bangkok and support from Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, APCD launched the Inclusive Skills Development Training in Hotel Industry at the APCD Training Building in 2019. Upon finishing their training, the trainees are expected to work at hotels across the country that practice DIB and are at need of staff with disabilities.









60+Plus Bakery & Chocolate Café @Baan Rajvithi

60+Plus Bakery & Chocolate Café @Baan Rajvithi

The original 60+Plus Bakery & Chocolate Café in the compound of Rajvithi home for the girls where APCD is located, has been established in the end of December 2018. So far it becomes role model of café shop for empowering persons with diverse persons with disabilities. Visitors to APCD could enjoy various bakery with coffee and chocolate menus.







60+Plus Bakery & Chocolate @Government House

Government House

The 60+ Plus Bakery & Chocolate Café has become an important role model for DIB, and is widely admired both in Thailand and internationally. As a result of this success, APCD has been invited to open another branch of 60+ Café in the Government House. The opening of this café will allow for an increased number of training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, while also ensuring that customers in the Government House are able to enjoy a variety of food and drinks made by persons with disabilities.








60+Plus Kitchen by CP:

60+Plus Kitchen by CP

Through a collaboration with Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), APCD will soon open a disability-inclusive restaurant at the APCD Training Building. Like the 60+ Plus Bakery and Chocolate Café, the restaurant will provide training and employment opportunities in the food industry for persons with disabilities. The restaurant will provide another option for food and drinks for nearby customers, and will also showcase the importance of collaborating with private companies for a disability-inclusive future.