Community-Based Inclusive Development

Community-Based Inclusive Development

Make a critical difference and a concrete change, attend APCD International Training on TOT for CBID now!

     APCD functions as a regional center, which promotes an inclusive, rights-based and barrier-free society and collaborates with all stakeholders in order to enhance the further development of CBR programs through the essential elements of the new CBR guidelines.

     We strive to empower people with disabilities and key stakeholders to enable them to voice their needs, accessing tools to create change, to have opportunities to forge their own destiny.

     We seek to bring about social transformation, make a positive difference to the lives of persons with disabilities,their families and community with the ultimate goal of achieving an inclusive society for all


Group 1: 23 May - 3 Jun 2011 (2 weeks) Master Training module: Training Fee USD 1,200

              USD700: New CBR guildines Training materials Lunch and coffee break
              USD500: Breakfast Fully accessible double room

Group 2: 15 - 26 Aug 2011 (2 weeks): This is a certified training course for master trainers.


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