Executive Director
Mr. Piroon Laismit


Community Development Department
  • Mr. Somchai Rungsilp
  • Mr. Watcharapol Chuengcharoen
    (Chief, Networking & Collaboration)
  • Ms. Flora Gurung
    (Officer, Networking & Training)
  • Ms. Siriporn Praserdchat
    (Officer, Logistics)
  • Mr. Akio Ogura
    (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer)

Disability-Inclusive Business
  • Mr. Sunthorn Nowarat
    (Manager, 60+ Plus Bakery & Chocolate Projects)
  • Mr. Satit Mohamaddalah
    (Chief, 60+ Plus Bakery & Chocolate Projects)
  • Ms. Supaporn Auewattananukool
    (Project Coordinator)
  • Mr. Christopher Benjakul
    (Public Relations Officer)
  • Ms. Rattana Sikamthae
    (Accounting Assistant)
  • Mr. Phinit Thongpul

Information & Knowledge Management
  • Ms. Lynette Lee Corporal
  • Ms. Nongnart Sutheerawatthananont
  • Mr. Songkiat Wisarntanaroj
    (Information Communication Technology Officer)

ASEAN Hometown Improvement
  • Ms. Jitkasem Tantasiri
    (Project Manager)
  • Ms. Duangkamol Thongmung
    (Chief, Disability-Inclusive Business)
  • Mr. Panu Kanoksilapatham
    (DPO Capacity Building Officer)
  • Mr. Neth Chamrouen
    (Field Project Officer - Cambodia)
  • Ms. Elizabeth Diana Perwita Sari
    (Field Project Officer - Indonesia)
  • Dr. Lee Keok Cheong
    (Field Project Officer - Malaysia)
  • Ms. Thin Thin Htet
    (Field Project Officer – Myanmar)
  • Mr. Denis Aguilar Ortiz
    (Field Project Officer – Philippines)
  • Ms. Chitchanok Wanroek
    (Field Project Officer - Thailand)
  • Mr. Tran Viet Linh
    (Field Project Officer - Vietnam)
  • Ms. Nguyen Pham Ny Ny
    (Field Project Assistant - Vietnam)
Administration Department
  • Ms. Nongluck Kisorawong
  • Ms. Kularb Gaysornsri
    (Accounting Officer)
  • Ms. Wilailekha Somprach
    (Administrative Officer) 
  • Mr. Panya Pitawanik
    (Financial Officer)
  • Ms. Noppharat Bunnak
    (Accounting Officer, Disability-Inclusive Business)
  • Mr. Chatri Siltham

Office of the Executive Director
  • Mr. Akiie Ninomiya
    (Advisor to the Executive Director)
  • Ms. Nongnuch Maytarjittipun
    (Executive Secretary to the Executive Director)

Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
  • Mr. Somchai Rungsilp

ASEAN Autism Mapping
  • Mr. Pongwattana Charoenmayu
    (Project Manager)
  • Ms. Supaanong Panyasirimongkol
    (Autism Expert)
  • Mr. Tran Van Ninh
    (Logistics Officer)