Schedule T2018

January 2018

8 Pre-Visit of Thai Japanese Association School to APCD (Thailand, Japan) japan flag  
8 Meeting with the Association of Parents for Thai Persons with Autism (Thailand)  
10 Courtesy Visit of Vietnam Autism Network Executive Board Member Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Hieu (Thailand, Vietnam)    
10 Collaboration with MarkRin Chocolate Co. Ltd. for 60 Plus+ Bakery & Cafe (Thailand) japan flag 
11 Courtesy Visit of Centra Government Complex Hotel & Convention Center Chaeng Watthana Representatives (Thailand)   
14 Dao Ruang Group’s Review of Activities (Thailand)   
14 Angels Walk for Autism 2018 (Philippines, Thailand)    
15-16 Meetings with ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project Partners and Other Stakeholders (Philippines, Thailand, ASEAN)     
17 Courtesy Visit of The Nippon Foundation Special Advisor (Thailand, Japan) japan flag   
17 Courtesy Visit from Korean International Cooperation Agency Representative (Thailand, South Korea) Flag South Korea
19 APCD Representation to the Dispatched Program for Young Artists Music Program at Mahidol University’s College of Music (Thailand)    
22 Consultation Meeting on Future Collaboration with Rehabilitation International Korea (Thailand, South Korea) Flag South Korea   
22 Consultation Meeting with Japan Foundation (Thailand, Japan) japan flag   
24 Visit of Friends and Supporters of APCD’s Executive Director to 60 Plus+ Bakery & Café (Thailand)    
25 Collaboration with SoundFun Corporation (Japan) for Persons Who are Hard of Hearing (Thailand, Japan) japan flag   

February 2018

1-2 True Colors Festival 2018 4th Steering Committee Meeting (Singapore)  
2  Collaboration Between APCD and Centara Hotels and Resorts Group (Thailand)  
5  Visit and Observation of Yamazaki USA Head to 60 Plus+ Bakery & Café (Thailand, USA) us flag   
7 Exploratory Meeting on Future Collaboration Between APCD and WAFCAT (Thailand)
7 Courtesy Visit from United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific to APCD (Thailand)  
8 Visit of Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit GM and Representatives and Meeting for Future Collaboration with APCD (Thailand)  
9 Identification of Potential Target Community for the ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project in Nakhon Pathom (Thailand, Japan, ASEAN)  japan flag     
9 Preparatory Meeting with for TCTP 2018 Thailand International Cooperation Agency and Japan International Cooperation Agency (Thailand, Japan)  japan flag  
13 Daily and Social Skills Training for Thai-Japanese Association School Students (Thailand, Japan)  japan flag   
12-16 Collaboration and Meetings with JICA, SoundFun Corporation (Japan) and other Partners (Japan, Thailand)  japan flag   
20 APCD Executive Board Meeting, Bangkok (Thailand)
21-23 Meetings with ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project Partners and Stakeholders (Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, ASEAN) flag Cambodia  japan flag        
22 Field Visit of Sethsatian School for the Deaf Teachers to 60 Plus+ Bakery & Café (Thailand)   
27 Courtesy Visit of APCD to Ratchasuda Foundation, Mahidol University (Thailand)
28 Follow-up Meeting on ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project in Nakhon Pathom (Thailand, Japan, ASEAN)  japan flag          
28 Courtesy Visit to the Foundation for the Blind (Thailand)       

March 2018

6 Meeting with the Association for Parents of Persons with Intellectual Disability of Thailand (Thailand)
7 APCD's Courtesy Visit to the Thailand Association for the Blind (Thailand)
7 Visit and Observation of the 2018 Asian Para Games Wheelchair Basketball Men and Women Qualifying Tournament (Thailand)  
8 Courtesy Visit by Officers of the Asian Development with Disabled Persons (ADDP) of Japan (Thailand, Japan)  japan flag        
9 Courtesy Call of APCD Foundation Committee Member Dr. Sribhumi Sukhanetr (Thailand)  
9 Consultation Meeting for Future Collaboration Between APCD and Happi Pte. Ltd. (Thailand)  
10-11 United ID Network Mekong Sub-Region's Dao Ruang Group and Din Daeng Parents Group Seminar (Thailand)
12 APCD and 60 Plus+ Bakery & Cafe Interview and Media Coverage for Channel 3SD of TV Channel 28 Program (Thailand)  
14 Collaboration Between APCD's 60 Plus+ Bakery & Cafe and Happi Pte. Ltd. (Thailand)
15-17 Collaboration with the Government of Myanmar, Partners and Stakeholders for the ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project (Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, ASEAN) myanmar-flag  japan flag      
17-18 APCD Representation in the Annual Autistic Thai Network and Board Members Assembly (Thailand)  
20-22 Collaboration with the Government of Laos and Other Partners for the ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project (Lao PDR, Thailand, Japan, ASEAN) Flag Lao   japan flag    
20-24 APCD at the True Colours Festival 2018 (Singapore, Thailand)    
26 APCD Participation at the 47th Independence and National Day Anniversary of Bangladesh (Bangladesh, Thailand) flag bangladesh   
27 APCD Executive Board and Foundation Committee Meetings (Thailand)
29 APCD Presentation at the World Social Work Day 2018 (Thailand)  
29 APCD Supports 'Friendly Taxi for All' Project by the Department for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Thailand)

April 2018

2 APCD at the World Autism Awareness Day (Thailand)
4-5 APCD Participation at the ASEAN Workshop Enhancing the Implementation and Reporting of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Thailand, ASEAN)  
10 Courtesy Call to the New Head of the Nakhon Pathom Social Development Office (Thailand)  
23 APCD Presentation at the Association of the Physically Handicapped of Thailand's Annual Meeting (Thailand)
24 APCD at the Association for the Mentally Ill Annual Meeting (Thailand)  
27 Courtesy Visit of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) Representatives to Explore Future Collaboration with APCD (Thailand)  
1-30 Month-long Autism Awareness Activities (Indonesia)

May 2018

3 Meeting with Walking and Cycling Institute of Thailand (Thailand)
3 Meeting with Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities (Thailand)  
4 Study Visit of Faculty of Architecture, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Students (Thailand)
4 APCD Featured in Channel 5's 'Wheel Share' Program (Thailand) 
7 Courtesy Visit of Thai Yamazaki Executives to APCD (Thailand, Japan) japan flag  
8-9 ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project's 'Workshop on Product Quality Control and Marketing Management' (Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, ASEAN) flag Cambodia    japan flag           
9 Consultation Workshop on 'IASC Guidelines on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action' (Thailand)        
11-16 74th Session of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (Thailand, UN)  
22 APCD Courtesy Visit to AU Thai Foundation (Thailand)
23-25 Skills Development Training for Persons with Disabilities: Employability in Food Business 2018 (Thailand)  
30-31 ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project ‘Training Workshop on Mushroom Post-Harvest Technology and Food Processing’ (Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, ASEAN) myanmar-flag japan flag

June 2018

6 Asia Pacific Consultation on the Inclusion of LGBTIQ Communities and Promoting LGBTIQ Rights in Resilience Building, Response, and Recovery Interventions in Humanitarian Settings (Thailand)

July 2018

2 Third Country Training Programme 2018 on Inclusive Development Through Disability-Inclusive Sports Opening Ceremonies (Thailand)  
9 Closing Ceremonies of the Third Country Training Programme (TCTP) 2018 (Thailand)  
11-14 Consultation Meetings for ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project (Indonesia)
18 Study Visit of Malayan Colleges Laguna (Philippines) Architecture Students to APCD (Thailand)  
17-22 Update Meetings and Discussions with Partners for the ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project (Vietnam, Thailand)
24 Visit of Ministry of Social Development and Human Security Permanent Secretary to 60+ Plus Bakery & Café Chocolate Production Training (Thailand) 
24-25 ASEAN Autism Mapping’s ‘Workshop on the Development of Methodology for Mapping of Country Profiles on Autism’ (Thailand, Japan, ASEAN)  japan flag

August 2018

2 ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project Follow-Up Meetings and Courtesy Visits (Thailand)  
3-5 APCD’s 60+ Plus Bakery & Café Project at Thai Social Expo 2018 (Thailand)  
4 APCD at the Second Meeting for the Network of Experts on Inclusive Entrepreneurship for ASEAN – Thai Social Expo 2018 Side Event (Thailand)     
6 Courtesy Visit by APCD to the Embassy of Mongolia in Thailand for the 4th CBR/CBID Congress (Thailand, Mongolia) Flag Mongolia   
8 APCD’s 60+ Plus Bakery & Café Featured in Japanese TV (Thailand, Japan)  japan flag  
14-17   Technical Review and Mid-Term Evaluation of the ASEAN Hometown Project in Cambodia (Thailand) flag Cambodia
14   Study Tour of the Lao Disabled Women Development Center to APCD (Thailand) Flag Lao    
15-16   ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project’s Workshop on Sustainable Urban Micro-Gardening and Development of Community-Based Cooperative in the Philippines (Thailand)
19-23  Regional Training on International Instruments Towards Sustainability (Capacity-Building of Leaders Who are Hard of Hearing and Deafened in Asia-Pacific (Thailand)  
23 Biennial General Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Federation of the Hard of Hearing and Deafened (APFHD) (Thailand)    
26-28   Formal Launch of the ASEAN Autism Mapping Project and Related Activities (Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, ASEAN) japan flag  
27 Aug-1 Sep   ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project Follow-Up Meetings and Mid-Term Evaluation (Thailand, Myanmar, ASEAN) myanmar-flag
29 Courtesy Visit of Rehabilitation International Global Officials and Representatives (Thailand)    
30 ESCAP Experts Meeting on Disability-Inclusive Technology and Innovation (Thailand)    
30-31   ASEAN Hometown Improvement Project Capacity-Building Training Workshop on Batik Design and Marketing Management (Thailand, Indonesia, ASEAN)

September 2018

5 APCD’s 60+ Plus Bakery & Café and 60+ Plus by MarkRin Featured in Thailand Channel 3 Program (Thailand)    
10 Study Visit of Chitralada School Faculty and Students (Thailand)  
11-12   APCD’s 60+ Plus Chocolatier by MarkRin at CAT Market 4.0 (Thailand)  
13 Visit of Thai-Yamazaki President to 60+ Plus Bakery & Cafe (Thailand) japan flag   
16 Dao Ruang Group Meeting (Thailand)  
18 Visit of Hyatt Regency Executives to 60+ Plus Bakery & Café and 60+ Plus Chocolatier by MarkRin (Thailand)