APCD "Empowerment" Volume 66

 October 2014

Southeast Asia

APCD /JAIF Project Training on Proposal Writing, Kien Svay, Cambodia, 7-10 October 2014

Opening of the Training on Proposal Writing
Opening of the Training on Proposal Writing

The Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability/Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (APCD/JAIF) Project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans & Youth Rehabilitation and the Disability Action Council (DAC) of Cambodia, conducted the Training on Proposal Writing in Kien Svay District, Cambodia, from 7 to 10 October 2014.

Attended by more than 30 participants, the opening day of the Training was presided over by H.E. Em Chan Makara, Secretary General of DAC, Cambodia's national coordination and advisory mechanism on disability issues. Members of the media, including TVK and BTV News, also covered the event. The Training enabled participants to review the proposal for rural market modifications, as well as allowed them to contribute to the further development of the proposal.

Other activities included accessibility checks in  several markets in Kien Svay District and meetings with market owners, as well as the signing of an agreement with local partners for the market modification of Sdao Kanleng Market.




Asia-Pacific Regional Consultation on Social Protection, Rural Employment and Food Security, Bangkok, Thailand, 8-9 October 2014

Group photo of Consultative Meeting participants
Group photo of Consultative Meeting participants

APCD shared its regional expertise when it took part in the Regional Consultation on Social Protection, Rural Employment and Food Security, held in Bangkok, Thailand from 8-9 October 2014. Organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Meeting was attended by around 100 senior government officials, technical partners and development experts who tackled the issue of social security and protection for all.

In a presentation titled, "Social Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in the Agricultural Sector", APCD highlighted its partnership with FAO and the Nippon Foundation on Disability-Inclusive Agribusiness activities, where evidence-based achievements of persons with diverse disabilities have been identified. It also cited the trends, gaps and good practices in the agribusiness industry as it relates to persons with disabilities.

Among the key recommendations from the Meeting include the identification of the most vulnerable groups in society, the promotion of south-to-south cooperation, and the exchange of knowledge, lessons learned and good practices.



Southeast Asia

Fourth Regional Workshop for Implementation of the CRPD Advocacy for Government Action Program, Vientiane, Lao PDR, 6-7 October 2014

Project partners during group workshops
Project partners in a group activity

Project partners and stakeholders in Handicap International's "Making It Work" Good Practices Project attended the Fourth Regional Workshop for Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) Advocacy for Government Action Program in Vientiane, Lao PDR, from 6 to 7 October 2014.

Workshop participants, including representatives from the National Committee for Disabled People and the Elderly (NCDE) of Lao PDR, Lao Disabled People's Association (LDPA), Cambodia Disabled People's Organisation (CDPO), and other Disabled People's Organizations from both countries, shared their experiences and lessons learned in the implementation of the Project in Cambodia and Lao PDR. The Workshop also assessed the progress of the Actions for Change phase following the identification of the 10 Good Practices in the two target countries.  

"Making It Work" is a methodology for documenting and promoting good practices in line with the principles of the CRPD to improve the lives of persons with disabilities. Ten good practices in Cambodia and Lao PDR were selected and documented in collaboration with APCD in creating  the "Making It Work" booklet, with two good practices highlighted in a DVD film documentary.




Southeast Asia

Study Visits from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 3 and 28 October 2014

Welcome remarks for Study Visit participants
Welcome remarks for Study Visit participants

Students from Chulalongkorn University's Department of Interior Architecture and Department of Industrial Design of the Faculty of Architecture visited APCD on 3 and 28 October 2014, respectively, for a study visit and tour of APCD's accessible facilities to learn more about incorporating accessibility into architectural designs.

With APCD's regional expertise in terms of fully accessible facilities, the Study Visits enabled the students to gain a deeper understanding on how to design a non-handicapping environment through a presentation on Accessibility Principles and Standards. The students were also given an overview of APCD's mission and role in raising awareness about disability in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as a tour of APCD's accessible facilities.





Southeast Asia

CIAI-APCD "CBID, Methodology and Management Training", Sisaket, Thailand, 30 September-3 October 2014

Accessibility audit at Goo in Sisaket province
Accessibility audit at Goo in Sisaket province

The Centro Italiano Aiuti all'Infanzia (Italian Association for Aid to Children)-APCD "Community for All" Project Team conducted a "Community-based Inclusive Development (CBID), Methodology, and Management Training" and accessibility audits in Sisaket, Thailand from 30 September to 3 October 2014. Related activities included meetings and discussion with local government authorities about the Project implementation and future plans.

Held at Sisaket's Kantaraluck and Goo municipalities, the Training focused on the principles and practices of CBID and CBID program management. Participants included representatives from local administrative organizations, healthcare workers, school teachers, and local leaders with disabilities from nearby municipalities including Namkliang and Suengkhao. Some of the concerns raised in the Training were the importance of including the elderly in disability programs, sustainability, and improvement of community volunteer programs, to name a few.

The Team also conducted accessibility audits in Sub-district Administrative Organizations offices, a hospital, and a hotel in Kantaraluck and Goo municipalities.




New Publications

New Reports from APCD

APCD's new publications

Publications available in accessible text format

APCD announces the release of new publications, namely, "Make the Right Real Workshop in Mongolia", "Report on Workshop on Community-based Inclusive Development in Mongolia", "Persons with Disabilities Rights and Protection Act in Bangladesh User-Friendly Booklet", and "Report on Second Asia-Pacific CBR Congress, CBR: Building Communities for Everyone Mainstreaming Disability in Development Agenda".

The publications, which can be downloaded from www.apcdfoundation.org, are also available in accessible text formats, such as Readable PDF, ePub, and Accessible Text.







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