Executive Director
Mr. Akiie Ninomiya


General Manager

Mr. Ryuhei Sano

Community Development Department (CDM)
  • Mr. Jasper Rom 
    (Community Development Manager)
  • Ms. Siriporn Praserdchat 
    (Logistics Officer)
  • Ms. Mayu Kurita
    (Project Coordinator)

Information and Knowledge Management Department (IKM)
  • Ms. Duangnarumol Dokruk
    (Information and Knowledge Management Manager)
  • Ms. Lynette Lee Corporal
    (Media Expert)
  • Ms. Wanida Sarawong
    (Graphic Designer)
  • Mr. Songkiat Wisarntanaroj
    (Information Communication Technology Officer)

Office of Network Secretariat (ONS)
  • Mr. Watcharapol Chuengcharoen
    (Chief, Office of Network Secretariat)
  • Ms. Sachiko Flores 
    (Networking Officer)
  • Ms. Supaanong Panyasirimongkol
    (Networking Assitant)

Project: JAIF
  • Mr. Chan Sarin
    (Field Project Officer-Cambodia)
  • Ms. Manichanh Phothilath
    (Field Project Officer-Lao PDR)
  • Ms. Ei Ei Cho
    (Field Project Officer-Myanmar)
  • Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Anh
    (Field Project Officer-Vietnam)

Project: CIAI/APCD

  • Mr. Chatchai Darawong
    (Operation Specialist - Kanchanaburi)
  • Ms. Dendoungduan Pumpup
    (Operation Specialist - Nakhon Si Thaammarat)
  • Mr. Muangmon Kengdecha
    (Operation Specialist - Phayao)
  • Mr. Buatee Saipan
    (Operation Specialist - Sisaket)
  • Mr. Thanathip Singhakul
    (Operation Team Manager)
  • Ms. Supichcha Nasungchon
    (Accounting and Logistics Assistant)

Project: Bakery

  • Mr. Christopher Benjakul
    (Public Relations Officer)
  • Ms. Yuko Utsu
    (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer)

Project: ASEAN Autism Network

  • Mr. Ranil Sorongon
    (Expert on Autism)

Project: Captioning

  • Mr. Don De Vera
    (Communication Officer)




Administration Department (ADM)
  • Ms. Nongluck Kisorawong
    (Administrative Manager)
  • Mr. Thammarong Supphakitcharak
    (Legal Advisor) 
  • Ms. Bhanjabhan Bhubhatsa
    (Financial Officer)
  • Ms. Kularb Gaysornsri
    (Accounting Officer) 
  • Ms. Wilailekha Somprach
    (Administrative Officer)  
  • Ms. Natkanda Suksa
    (House Keeper)
  • Mr. Chatri Siltham

Office of the Executive Director (OED)
  • Ms. Nongnuch Maytarjittipun
    (Executive Secretary to Executive Director)

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